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Give a Rock Creek Valentine


We have a secret.

Here at Rock Creek Conservancy, we've got a major crush on you. We love you for loving Rock Creek (we just can't help it!) So, we put together a little something we thought you might like. 

We couldn't do the work we do without you. To thank you, we created these printable Rock Creek Valentine's cards. They feature animals that live in Rock Creek and some pretty good animal puns! Print and share them with the people in your life that you couldn't imagine having a Rock Creek adventure without.

Valentine 2 Amphipod

Am amphipod! How romantic! You shouldn't have. 

Will you be our Valentine? 


deer valentine

 "You Are Deer to Me" 

Animal: White-tailed Deer

Deer are a frequent sight in Rock Creek, but did you know that there were no deer in Rock Creek Park before 1960?

Image source

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Vintage drawing of herring: You might be herring rumors that I'd swim upstream for you. They're true.


"You might be herring rumors that I'd swim upstream for you...they're true."

Animal: Blueback Herring

The dam at Peirce Mill used to stop herring from heading up the river to spawn. That is until the National Park Service installed a fish ladder in 2007, which lets the amorous fish continue on their journey.

Image source

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Vintage Image of Squirrel: I'm Nuts For you

"I'm nuts about you"

Animal: Grey Squirrel

Squirrels are a beloved Rock Creek mammal, but did you know that the National Zoo released black squirrels into Rock Creek Park in the early 1900s?

Image Source

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Scientific Illustration of an Amphipod: I don't need eyes to see that I love you!

"I don't need eyes to see that I love you."

 Animal: Hay's Spring Amphipod

The Hay’s Spring Amphipod is the only endangered species in the Rock Creek watershed. It is the official Amphipod of Washington, D.C.

Image source.

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The image on this card of a general amphipod, not the Hay's Spring Amphipod. Don't worry. no one but an amphipod scientist will know the difference. 

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How To:

1) Stock your printer with letter-sized paper. For the most card-like results, we suggest using a recycled heavyweight card stock.

2) Pick your favorite card and fit it to the paper before pressing print.

3) Fold on the dotted line and then cut along the guide marks.

4) Write a note inside and give the Valentine to your Valentine! 

5) Enjoy! 


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