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Rock Creek Conservancy invites you to join the Stream Team program!


Stream Teams

The Stream Team program is a neighborhood based group of volunteers who adopt a stretch of Rock Creek or one of its 30 tributaries.  This is a wonderful opportunity for neighborhood volunteers who want to take an active role in monitoring and protecting “their” section of Rock Creek.  We work closely with the National Park Service and Montgomery County Parks to mobilize teams along the full length of Rock Creek.


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Get Involved

If you love Rock Creek or enjoy a special spot in the park and want to help protect it,  please adopt that section of park by joining one of our Stream Teams or starting a new one. Check out our Stream Team map to see the areas of Rock Creek that have been adopted by a leader and areas that are still in need of one.

You can invite friends, neighbors, schools, scout troops, and community groups to join at any time and we encourage you to work with groups with an interest in Rock Creek!

Watch a short, inspiring video about Aspen Hill families and neighbors cleaning up Turkey Branch in Montgomery County!


Stream Team Leaders

Stream Team Leaders are the force behind all of our successful Stream Teams.  As a Stream Team Leader, you are responsible for:


  1. Walking the creek section or tributary frequently to look for any issues that may negatively impact the health of the stream.
  2. Reporting problems to the proper authorities and Rock Creek Conservancy.
  3. Organizing at least two trash cleanups per year; one cleanup should be the annual Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup in early April.
  4. Participating in at least one community outreach event per year. The Conservancy can provide tabling, outreach and educational materials. New and creative ideas are welcome!
  5. Becoming a Rock Creek Conservancy member.

Read our Stream Team Leader Guidelines for more information.

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Protecting Our Parks

The world's most important park is the one near you--where you can escape and reconnect with nature.  You may even have a favorite spot--where you walk your dog, ride your bike, take a run, have a picnic, or experience the quiet beauty of the park. Help keep that spot beautiful and share it with others by joining the Stream Team program. 




Thank you to

Chesapeake Bay Trust and REI

for generous support of our

Stream Team Program.


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