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  • Rock Creek Park


Rock Creek supports a diverse assortment of animal life, given its location in the densely populated Washington, DC, region.  There are over 160 types of birds, 35 types of fish, and 30 mammals that can be found spending at least part of their lives in the creek or surrounding area. Rock Creek Park supports one federally endangered species, the Hay's Spring amphipod (a small, eyeless, colorless shrimp-like creature).  The park also supports reptile and amphibian populations, but their numbers here, like in many areas, are declining.  The animals of Rock Creek are just one reason we must work to reduce human impact on our waterways.

Scroll down and click on the picture of each species to learn about some of the wonderful species in your Rock Creek.  Can you spot these species while out and about in the park?

Featured Bird:  Red-Shouldered Hawk



Featured Mammal: Red Fox

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Featured Fish:  American shad


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Featured Reptile or Amphibian:  Eastern Box Turtle 



Federal Endangered Species Alert! Hay's Spring Amphipod (Stygobromus hayi)