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Stream Team Success Story

A successful anti-tagging campaign in Rock Creek Park.

Rock Creek Conservancy's Stream Team program provides an opportunity for residents to care for Rock Creek's natural areas in so many ways!

John Burwell, stream team leader for the Pinehurst section of DC's Rock Creek Park, noticed an epidemic of tagging in the park at the intersection of Western Avenue and Beech Street NW.  Graffiti covered stone walls, sewer pipes, and even trees.  And the problem appeared to be spreading.  John photographed the scene and reported it to the National Park Service.  Today, the graffiti is gone and the natural area restored.

Scott Einberger, Rock Creek park ranger and volunteer coordinator, noted that dedicated stewards and Stream Team Leaders like John are essential partners in keeping Rock Creek clean and healthy.

Spray paint is ugly and contributes to litter and pollution. If you see any graffiti in DC's Rock Creek Park, please call 202-895-6070 or, in Montgomery County Parks, call 301-670-8080 to alert park staff.

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Before After
pinehurst-tagging before pinehurst tagging after